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Cloud Berry
A rich strawberry flavour that has a very mild throat hit due to it being max vg e-juce. This recipe has been specifically formulated to be maximum VG and is great for chasing those berry big clouds. ..
A bold blend of aromatic tobacco complimented by subtle sweet tones with a hint of spice. Designed to satisfy those switching from smoking tobacco and vapers who love tobacco e-liquids. The sharp and satisfying throat hit gives this flavour a unique and enjoyable character.  ..
A smooth tobacco blend with a noticeable sweet dessert undertone. A popular choice for tobacco enthusiasts.  ..
A baked cookie blend with hints of chocolate, vanilla, caramel and butterscotch. This vape has an amazing after taste, and fills the room with the smell of freshly baked cookies.  ..
This vape has absolutely no flavour. For those who like the simpler things in life.  ..
Melon Glory Clouds
This cloud blend is packed full of melon goodness that delivers a smooth blended melon inhale with a hint of citrus and watermelon in the exhale.  This is one of our favourite recipes and is guaranteed to become an all-day vape among you and your friends.  30 PG – 70 VG avai..
Fusion Clouds
One day while vaping between Melon Glory and Artisan Clouds an idea occurred, two juices were blended together, and Fusion Clouds were born.  Our most complex recipe of melons, berries, and citruses, make this an exceptionally fine vape.  It has been described by many as tasti..
Five "R" Live
A very rich mango and citrus flavour blended smoothly to perfection. This recipe is by far superior in flavour and is a thirst quenching delight. ..
Experience a truly sour, yet sweet vape, combined with just enough of a lime undertone to compliment the flavour. This is a must try vape that is sure to please.  ..
A tasty fusion of blueberry and raspberry with just a hint of pineapple. Once you try it you will never want anything else, and yes the snozzleberries taste like snozzleberries ..
A strong and sharp menthol vape perfectly complimented by a smooth peppermint exhale. This vape provides a sharp and satisfying throat hit. A great liquid for menthol lovers! ..
Dragon Juice
You will be pleasantly surprised when you taste this blend of fresh strawberries and dragonfruit. This recipe is not like any others, but that's what makes it so good. ..
This is an intriguing variety of sweet fruit and ripe berries infused with a noticeable kiwi undertone. A strong sweet flavour that is sure to be a favorite amongst fruit lovers.  ..
Nut Job
A sweet but subtle custard thats perfectly blended with hazelnuts thatwill absolutely make you go nuts for this flavour. This recipe is a crowd favorite and loved by all custard enthusiasts.  ..
This sophisticated flavour is dominated by an incredibly accurate strawberry and complimented with cream, custard and hints of vanilla and marshmallow. A smooth yet satisfying throat hit makes for a fantastick all day vape.  ..
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